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September 5, 2014



Our Judges


Mr. Kapo Ip 葉家寶先生
Founder of Miss Asia and ATV Executive Director
亞洲電視執行董事; 亞洲小姐之父
Chief Judge, 首席評判

Mr. Kapo Ip is not only the founder of the Miss Asia Pageant, but is also an executive director. He is responsible for overseeing the production of Asia Television Limited, and has even received a lifetime achievement award. The contestants look forward to Mr. Kapo Ip being a judge in the Miss Asia USA East Coast Pageant. 葉家寶先生是亞洲電視執行董事,更是我們的亞洲小姐之父,長期負責製作亞洲小姐競選。在亞洲電視五十五年頒獎禮上,葉先生獲得終生成就大獎。這次非常期待葉先生對美東亞洲小姐的指教。


Miss. Aduo 阿朵小姐
Singer and Actress
千面女王;知名歌星 ; 知名演員
Guest Judge, 嘉賓評判

Miss. Aduo is a known Chinese singer and actress who originated from Jishou, China. In 2007, she was on the cover of fashion magazine, "FHM," and has been in Forbes magazine's international top celebrities for three consecutive years. In the past two decades, she has received numerous awards, such as the 1996 Grand Prix Seventh CCTV Singer, and the 2004 Top Ten Golden Melody Award. The contestants are very honored to have Miss. Aduo as a judge. 千面阿朵,熱情奔放的《再見,卡門》,以性感迷人造型登上時尚雜誌《男人裝》封面,創造了該雜誌全球銷量超過50萬的記錄。之後連續三年入選全球頂級媒體《福布斯》雜誌評選的名人榜。 X-FACTOR 中國評委及各大歌舞比賽的評委,曾主演電影<熊貓大俠>“電視劇<專列一號>”作品,2012年阿朵首本文字書<煙雨鳳凰>獲得了銷量與口碑雙贏的好成績,阿朵是創作才女,稱為千面歌舞女王。這次佳麗們非常榮幸能夠有阿朵小姐來當評判。


Mr. Patrick Ng 吳寶淳先生
President of Po Wing Hong Food Market
吳寶淳先生 寶榮行食品中心總裁
Judge, 評判

Mr. Patrick Ng is the owner and president at Po Wing Hong Food Market, a retailer of fine Chinese products such as ginseng, bird’s nest, sea cucumber, and bird’s nest. Established for nearly four decades, Po Wing Hong has solidified itself as an industry leader. Honest and integral business practices, customer service and high product standards are reasons why customers remain loyal for so many years. Patrick Ng has received numerous awards and recognition for his philanthropy and charitable works with local Chinatown organizations such as Chinatown Partnership, Career Mobility Partnership (formerly Chinatown Manpower), Kiwanis International, and NYC Mayor’s Office just to name a few. 吳先生是寶榮行食品中心總裁以及店主。寶榮行食品中心零售著精緻的中國產品,如人參,燕窩,海參。成立了近40年的寶榮行鞏固了行業的領導者的地位。誠實和綜合性的經營實踐,客戶服務和產品的高標準是客戶保持忠誠了這麼多年的原因。吳先生獲得了許多的獎項和表彰他對當地中國城組織做出的慈善事業和慈善工作,其中有華埠共同發展機構,Career Mobility Partnership (曾經的Chinatown Manpower), Kiwanis International, 以及紐約市市長辦公室等。


Miss. Nida Taylor
Miss Myanmar and Miss Asia Gorgeous

If you recognize Miss. Taylor, it might be because she was Miss Asia Gorgeous 2013. She also was Miss Myanmar USA 2012 and Miss People's Choice 2012. Now she's back and fiercer than ever as one of the judges for this year's Miss Asia 2014. However, Miss. Taylor is also well known for her occupation as a model, something that she has started doing at the age of 14. Over the past month, she has been teaching the contestants on how to present themselves, how to walk, and more tricks of the trade. The contestants were always more than happy to be taught by her, because just last year, she was in the same position as them. She's very approachable, easy going, yet knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was teaching. The contestants always look forward to seeing her as a mentor, and soon, a judge.
如果你覺得Nida Taylor小姐面熟的話,那是因為她是2013年美東亞洲小姐的高雅迷人大獎得主,並且是2012美國緬甸小姐

以及2012人氣獎得主。今年她回到了這個舞台擔任2014亞洲小姐的裁判。在模特行業裡Nida也是很有知名度的,她從14歲起就開始做模特。在過去的一個月裡,Nida教著今年的佳麗們如何體現自己,如何走台步,以及更多有用的技巧。佳麗們每次都很高興見到Nida,從她身上學到知識,因為她去年也站在同樣的舞台上。 Nida很平易近人、隨和,但同時也很有知識,認真教大家。佳麗們很期待再次見到作為導師和評判的Nida.


Mr. James Cai 蔡卓斯先生
Chief Representative of New York Division of China Southern Airlines

Mr. James Cai is the chief representative of China Southern Airlines, which is the first and only airline to offer a direct flight between New York City and Guang Zhou, China. They are also the largest Chinese airline. The 2014 ATV Miss Asia U.S East Coast will take China Southern Airline to go to Hong Kong for her beautiful life journey. 蔡卓斯先生是中國南方航空公司,紐約首席代表。中國南方航空公司,簡稱南航,是中國最大航空集團。在2013年,中國南方航空載客量高達9180萬人次,位居世界第三。 8月初,中國南方航空從廣州飛往紐約的首航班機降落於紐約JFK國際機場,开始纽约直航到廣州的航线。也是継加州直航到廣州的另外一個直達航班。當選佳麗將乘南航飛機到香港,開啟美麗人生之旅。


Mr. Eddie Mo 毛義德先生
President of EMO America Productions Holding Corp.

Eddie Mo is the President of EMO America Productions Holding Corp. He has been working with the contestants from day one and encouraging them to be good spokespeople through tv hosting. He also gives well received advice to the contestants when they are seeking help. Mr. Mo works closely with the contestants to ensure that they are well prepared for not only public appearances, and interviews, but of course, for the pageant as well. He also leads his subordinates into producing timely features for ATV Home America. He puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring the programs are of the highest quality before they are aired. 毛先生美國藝盟製作控股公司主席執行總裁。美國藝盟製作控股公司是亞洲電視美洲台的獨家合作方。毛先生精心制作的美洲台節目,比如紐約快訊、紐約時尚風、亞洲小姐競選等。毛先生也見證了亞洲小姐參選佳麗們整個過程中的成長和蛻變,並且一直鼓勵著她們做更優秀的自己。


Mr. Wellington Chen 陳作舟先生
Executive Director of the Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corporation
ATV2014 US East Coast Miss Asia, Miss Chinatown Judge

He is currently the executive director of Chinatown Partnership, which is responsible for the development of the Chinatown community, including planning, setting policies, and as a representative to the public. Mr. Chen is highly respected amongst the community, and is valued as a leader, advocate, and urban planner. 陳先生現任華埠共同發展機構行政總監。他負責整個華埠共同發展機構的發展方向,包括策劃、設置政策、擔任機構的公眾代表。陳先生是一位德高望重的社區服務者,長期社區倡導者,城市規劃​​師和城市事務專家。


Dr. Warren Chin 陳建樂醫生
Executive Director of the Chinese American Medical Association
ATV 2014 US East Coast Miss Asia, Miss Medical Judge

Dr. Chin is a physician specializing in the cardiovascular system, but is also the Executive Director of the Chinese American Medical Association. He often participates in community activities and contributes actively to the public to promote good health. 陳醫生是一名心臟專科主治醫師,也是美洲中華醫學會行政總監。陳醫生常常參與社區活動以及做貢獻,積極向廣大群眾推廣健康與醫療。


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