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August 31, 2014



ATV Miss Asia U.S. East Coast, a day in our community 


MessLook Hair and Spa

We started off our busy day by arriving at Messlook, which is located at 104 Bowery Street. Messlook  Hair and Spa, if you haven't known already, is one of our sponsors. The talented staff at Messlook do our hair and makeup for each of our events and ensure that we look flawless every single time. Josephine Xu is one of the main makeup artists that work on us. They start off by matching foundation with our skin and emphasizing our eyes with different colors of eyeshadow so that we look beautiful, yet natural at the same time. Each of our hair is then beautifully curled. However, today, Charles Lam, the owner of Messlook, decided to make a change and put most of our hair in updo's. Nevertheless, we all walked out of Messlook looking glamorous. We've formed a strong bond with each of our hairstylists and makeup artists already. They have been with us from day one and we cannot wait to see how beautiful they will make us look again during our upcoming pageant.


LAM Group and Lam NYC
EB-5 Fund Regional Center

On August 25th, 2014, we had the pleasure to go to Lam Group, located on 202 Centre Street, A large real estate investment group based in New York City.  In addition, they are a large hospitality firm that focuses on hotel management in New York City. One of their many hotels,  Brooklyn Sheraton Downtown, in which our pageant will be held on September 6th. They are also a sponsor of ours in which we are grateful for. The Lam Group also manages numerous other prominent hotels including Four Points by Sheraton, Hotel Indigo, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, and more. We were also given words of encouragement by Hung Luk, the Chief Operating Officer, who spoke about the challenges of the hospitality industry, as well as how we can get started in it. We were given lots of opportunities to ask questions, in which we inquired John Lam, the chairman of Lam Group, about the Lam NYC EB-5 Fund Regional Center. Mr. Lam explained that the projects were very important not only to assist immigrants in gaining their immigrant status, but provide opportunities for different businesses for the future. He wanted the Chinese community to go beyond opening restaurants and factories and venture off into different opportunities. For example, he hoped that in the future, there will be a larger amount of Asian-American working in civil duties with political influences. We ended off by Mr. Luk reminding us that we are all winners already. 


Chinatown Partnership

We visited the Chinatown Partnership where we spoke to Executive Director Wellington Chen. Mr. Chen has supported us at many of our previous events such as the Chinatown weekend Walk  and more. We each presented ourselves and spoke to him about why each of us would be ideal candidates for Miss Chinatown, while inputting our own ideas into how we can improve Chinatown. For example, Tina Jia suggested for miniature landmarks such as the Forbidden City to be built in areas of Chinatown. That way, we can preserve our culture by being able to learn of China's history without stepping outside the city. It can also be made more fun, rather than just educational, by perhaps making it into a maze. Many of our ideas were considered by Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen emphasized on gentrification issues that are occurring in Chinatown. He wants to preserve the community aspects of it and ensure that Chinatown will remain prominent in the future. He pointed out that the logo for Chinatown Partnership has five points for each borough, the previous towns of Little Italy and Chinatown, the different districts such as the Jewelry district and more. The logo also had a V imprint, in which it represented victory and Lady Liberty. In conclusion, Mr. Chen told us that we are all unique and that we will be successful regardless of the results of the pageant. 


Worker's Health Day

As some of you may have already known, one of us will be awarded the Miss Medical award. This will go out to the contestant who can best promote good health. We did this by participating in the Worker’s Health Fair, which was held at the Chinese Community Benevolent Association. There were many people who attended, especially senior citizens. Many organizations also participated in it, such as the Charles B. Wang Health Center. Prominent doctors such as Dr. Warren Chin spoke about various common issues that may affect the Asian-American community. For example, he spoke about the dangers of high blood pressure. We learned that in order to control your high blood pressure, you must exercise regularly, cope with stress well, and eat a balanced diet. The importance of vaccinations were also mentioned in which we must keep up to date with them so that we can lessen the chance of catching some diseases. Each of us introduced ourselves and proposed different methods to promote a healthy lifestyle. We then finished off with the traffic safety song, which has always been a crowd favorite.


Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting System

One of the most unique and fun things that we did was being interviewed at the Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting System. It is one of the oldest Chinese radio stations in New York City. We were grateful to be able to each do ten minute radio segments. In fact, Tiffany Luk and Angela Wang were able to have their interviews broadcasted live on Monday afternoon, August 25th. The radio MC, Lilian, was very accommodating, and made us feel very comfortable. It felt like we were talking to a friend rather than someone we just met. We were able to introduce ourselves to the audience and answer questions about ourselves that we thought the audience might be interested to hear about. We also sang the traffic safety song in all three languages because we believe in continuing promoting it so that it can reach as large of an audience as possible. It was definitely a new experience for most of us, and we would be happy to do it again. If you would like to listen to the rest of our interviews, they will be broadcasted every day for the rest of the week on CWCB!


Po Wing Hong Food Center

We finished off the day by venturing off into a place related to our favorite foods, Po Wing Hong Food Market! Po Wing Hong Food Market is another one of our sponsors that is located on 49 Elizabeth Street. It is a Chinese food center known for its traditional Asian health products. We went there because we wanted to thank them for giving us their support. There were many workers and customers that were happy to greet us. They gave us a warm welcome and complimented us many times. Of course, we couldn’t leave without doing our traffic safety dance, which we performed flawlessly. We also took many photos with the owners, Patrick and Nancy, as well as with customers. We even had the chance to interact with some children there, which is something we always love to do. There were many great things in the market that we all wanted to eat, since we were all very hungry. It was a perfect ending to our day.


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2014年8月25日,我們忙碌的一天在位於104 Bowery Street的亮麗的亂剪美容、美髮中心早上10點開始。在那裡,非常有才華的髮型師和化妝師們每次在我們出席活動的時候都會把我們變得很完美。 Josephine和Sydney是兩位主要給我們化妝的化妝師們。首先,她們會給我們塗上適合我們膚色的底霜,然後再用不同顏色的眼影來讓我們的眼睛更美,同時也很自然。最後,髮型師們會把我們的頭髮捲起來。今天,亂剪的著名髮型師和店主Charles Lam 決定把我們的頭髮都盤上去。我們走出亂剪的時候,每個人都光彩亮麗。我們與髮型師和化妝師們都很熟了。他們從我們來到這裡的第一天起就開始把我們打扮得漂漂亮亮的,我們很期待看到總決賽那天自己會在亂剪的幫助下會蛻變成什麼樣。



我們非常榮幸的被邀請到了位於202 Centre Street的林氏集團。林氏集團是很著名的地產開發商,我們9月6日的總決賽就會在他們众多酒店之一的布鲁克林喜來登大酒店舉行。林氏集團在纽约还擁有許多著名的酒店,比如Four Points by Sheraton, Hotel Indigo, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn等。首先,首席運營官陸先生鼓勵了我們以及對我們介紹了酒店行業和這個行業的挑戰。主席林建中先生與我們介紹了他的願景以及EB-5投資移民項目。這個項目非常重要,因為它可以通過投資者的資金給不同的企業帶來更多機會,也可以提升和改變中國人在美國的形象。將來,華人社區不光只是開餐館或者工廠,也要往其他的商業機遇上發展。比如,更多的華人在政治上有更多的影響。在整個過程中,我們還有機會提問,得到寶貴的建議。最後,陸先生提醒我們,每一個人都已經是贏家。






在我們10位佳麗中將會有一位成為中华医学小姐。這個獎將會給到能夠最好地推廣健康的佳麗。我們參加了在中华公所舉行的“上班一族健康日”。許多人都參加了這個活動,尤其是老人們。众多機構也參加了,比如Charles B. Wang Health Center。著名醫生,比如陈建樂医生給大家解說了華人社區遇到的一些問題,比如高血壓。我們學到,如果要控制高血壓,那麼你需要按期運動,也要學會抗壓和健康飲食。按時接種疫苗也是很重要的,這樣就可以避免被傳染一些疾病。我們每一個人都介紹了我們自己,也提出不同推廣健康生活方式的方法。最後,我們演示了交通安全歌,再次贏得熱烈掌聲。



中華商業廣播電台。中華電台是紐約最古老的的中文電台。中华電台在这周推出了每天的"美东亚姐"的特备节目。我們很开心每人都有機會接受10分鐘的採訪与听众分享我们的参选趣事。其中Tiffany Luk 和Angela Wang接受的採訪是現場直播。。電台主持人Lilian非常友善,讓我們在整個過程中感覺很自然。在接受采訪中,我們向觀眾介紹了自己,也回答了Lilian向我們提出的觀眾感興趣的問題。我們也用三中語言唱了交通安全歌,為了能夠讓更多的聽眾了解交通安全的重要性。這次的經歷對我們來說都很新鮮,也希望有機會再做這樣的活動。如果你想听到我們其他佳麗的採訪內容,可以通過中华商台來收聽。



忙碌的一天在位於49 Elizabeth Street的著名​​的寶榮行食品中心結束。寶榮行是一間有著精心收集的參茸海味、南北雜貨和優良保健產品的中國食品中心,我們來到這裡是為了感謝寶榮行對亞洲小姐的支持。超市裡的員工和客人們見到我們都很開心,他們歡迎、讚美我們,還給我們拍照。最後,我們再次表演了交通安全歌。我們還與店主Patrick and Nancy 以及客人們拍了許多照片,還與在店裡購物的小孩子們一起玩耍。看著超市裡可口的食物之後,我們都餓了。寶榮行之行結束了我們完美的一天。


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