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August 15, 2014


As the training progresses for us, we decided to prioritize the Asian American community by proclaiming our support for them. Through different events, we share our views of issues happening around the community, whether it is promoting the Asian-American community through vigorous five mile walk, teaching senior citizens about traffic safety, or performing at a charity dinner in regards to Asian-American health. As this week was filled with numerous activities, it kept us busy and active in their communities! Despite the fact that we are busy with our training schedules, we will always make time to help out our community.

Miss Asia Contestants Teach Seniors Traffic Safety
at the Friends Adult Day Care Center in Chinatown

This past Wednesday, seniors at the Friends Adult Day Care Center at 9 Elizabeth Street, where pleasantly surprised to meet four of us. When we entered the day care, we were met with bright smiles and warm welcomes as the seniors also continued playing games in the form of mahjong and playing cards. For the period of time that we were there, we introduced ourselves and taught them the traffic safety song that they had been practicing for months. By doing so, we were teaching the seniors to be more careful when crossing the street. After the seniors joined us in a dance, they graciously gave gift cards while we continued interacting with them. We felt that it was important for seniors to be informed of traffic safety, because it is something that can affect them in their every day life. We want them to be well informed so that they can prevent any accidents from happening.

Traffic Safety Song



Take caution when you walk
Cars are always passing by
Look both ways before you cross
Let’s all wait.
Look! Look!
Listen! Listen!
Safety first!

Chinese Community Partnership for Health Foundation

21st Year of Service to the Chinese Community Anniversary Dinner

We were recently invited to and attended the prestigious charity dinner held annually by the Chinese Community Partnership for Health Foundation in the Jing Jong Restaurant in Chinatown on Wednesday, July 30th. The event was held in commemoration of the organization’s valued activities in regards to the community’s health. Specifically, we and the organization aimed to inform the community about stroke awareness and prevention. On behalf of ATV, we performed and sung songs at the event. We also interviewed renowned professionals in regards to their thoughts about the event and strong prevention.

People Helping People at the

2014 CPC Walkathon and Family Fair

After performing, yet again the traffic safety song, we were honored to have fundraised and participated in the walkathon hosted by Chinese American Planning Council on August 3rd. Over 5000 people participated to fundraise for programs benefiting schools, day cares, and other community programs. Although it started out as a rainy day, it did not stop us nor other participants at Columbus Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Joined by Miss Gorgeous of the Miss Asia 2013, Nida Taylor,we were eager to show their support for the community throughout the five mile trek. There were performances by many others, including seniors, young children from a daycare, and even a dragon performance. We met with many members of the community and were able to interact with them. Afterwards, the fair also had a watermelon eating contest that was very entertaining for us. We were very ecstatic to show our support for CPC.

Vision Zero and Precinct 109’s National Night Out

At one of our previous visits to Precinct 109 of Flushing, Queens, we were informed of the significance of Vision Zero. It is estimated that a vehicle injures or kills a pedestrian every two hours or so. The New York Police Department believe that this is a very preventable accident, especially through the three actions that we push for. Stop. Look. Listen. You must stop before crossing a street and look and listen for incoming cars in all directions. This was the message that we were trying to spread when we attended Precinct 109’s National Night on August 5th attended by over 2000 people, there were many activities and foods for the community. For example, there was horseback riding, a barbecue, inflatable rides, and much more. We were honored to have performed our traffic safety song to promote Vision Zero. It is important for us to push this message so that it can reach as many people as possible. We were especially praised by Chief Chan, who is an active advocate of Vision Zero, and was very glad that we were helping spread awareness about it. Through our platform, many people were able to listen to us. In fact, Captain Thomas Conforti of Precinct 109 even did the traffic safety dance with us. We were very happy to be able to do so at National Night Out, because not only were there many families to spread the message to, but many politicians and community leaders as well.




ATV亚洲小姐候选佳丽们在8月5日来到全国打击犯罪夜 (National Night Out)的活动现场。一年一度的全国打击犯罪夜是由全国城镇守望协会赞助的活动,并且有着全美各地的警察局,当地企业和民间组织的参与和支持。它在每年8月份的第一个星期二举行,是警察携手民众一起反对犯罪和贩毒的有意义活动。

这次超過2000名民眾聚集在法拉盛公立20小學操場,活动中,美東亚姐佳丽自編自演的安全警示舞蹈表现,得到纽约警官們的称赞和民众的欢迎。 纽约市警总局交通安全局总监、三星警司陈文业称赞说美東亚姐表演好有感染力,为交通安全的推广做出重要贡献,民众更愿意听美東亚姐的话及吸引各年齡層民眾的目光。總監陳文業,109分局局長康佛堤纷纷与美東亚姐一齐起舞,宣传交通安全。


8月3日,ATV亚洲小姐候选佳丽们积极参加了人助人百万行 (CPC Walkathon) 的步行活动以及帮助捐款。百萬行籌款收益將用來支持華策會的托兒服務,青少年服務,​​老人服務,家庭服務以及職業培訓等多個項目.

佳丽们和其他的五千多位参与者这次5英里的步行活动。并在开幕式上表演了自編自演的交通安全舞蹈,,2013年ATV亚洲小姐高雅迷人大奖得主Nida Taylor也参加了本次活动,与佳丽们一起支持社区。


7月30日下午,4位ATV亚洲小姐美東候选佳丽们来到友爱长者活动中心与老人们一起做游戏,还演示了交通安全歌。老人们看到佳丽们甜美的笑容,真诚的慰问和精彩的表演以后,乐得合不拢嘴,连连鼓掌叫好。 她们还教了老人们交通安全歌,提醒大家以后过马路的时候一定要小心。最后,佳丽们还给每个老人都送了一张礼物卡。


“福安康宁”华人社区保健计划基金在7月30日举行服务华人社区21周年的筹款晚会。 多年来,“福安康宁”为纽约华人们提供健康检查,给缺乏医疗资源的人们基本的医疗需求。至今,它已经服务了超过17.5万个所有纽约华人社区的人们。2013年的健康体检数据更是显出“福安康宁”的重要性。 这次筹款晚宴还少不了ATV亚洲小姐候选佳丽们给大家带来的精彩而甜美的歌声,并且她们呼吁大家多多捐款和支持“福安康宁”。


ATV亚洲小姐候选佳丽们于7月26日参加了华埠共同发展机构第三次举办的Chinatown Weekend Walk (华埠周末漫游节)。 这次的活动得到众多社区和政府的重要人员的大力支持,他们呼吁大家多多支持纽约华埠的发展,增加这里的游客,让他们更加了解中国城的文化以及为这里的小型企业带来更多消费。 华埠周末漫游节还为家庭和小孩们提供丰富多彩而有趣的水上活动、瑜伽、各种游戏和赏心悦目的歌舞表演。美東亚姐佳丽也上台表演自編自演的交通安全歌舞,引起民众的热烈反应


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