Valerina Young 夢瑤

Age, 年齡: 16  Occupation, 學歷: Student

Height, 身高: 5'9"  Education, ​學歷: High School, 高中

Three Sizes,  三圍: 34/24/34

自我介紹 Self-Introduction

大 家好!我叫梦瑶. Hello everybody, my name is Valerina Young. I am currently a high school student in the famous Laguardia High School for Music in New York City. 我觉得最 开心的女仔系最靓的. In my life it is important for me to dream big and pursue big opportunities. This pageant has helped me blossom into a more elegant and refined person. I hope everyone will support me on the rest of my journey. 请支持我和喜欢, 让我 的美夢成真!

Miss Best Hostess is one that is eye-catching, interesting, and articulate. She establishes grace as she holds the attention of the audience. If you support me as Miss Hostess I can continue on doing so. The 2014 ATV Miss Asia Pageant has offered me great opportunities in hosting shows. Through my hosting I have established grace and interest to my audience. I hope you will support me as Miss Hostess.

Health is the greatest factor in beauty universally. Miss Medical is an important position that promotes healthy living. I have much knowledge of various diseases. I helped out in hospitals by translating for the Chinese speaking elderly that know not how to speak English. It is important to me to help others in terms of health wherever I go. I supported medical awareness by performing an engaging song that encourages people to donate to the Chinese Community Partnership for Health Foundation's Gala. I also enjoyed performing a song and dance about traffic safety with my pageant sisters in ATV Miss Asia East Coast pageant events. A life saved is a life gained. To be awarded as Ms. Medical, would give me power to promote healthy living everywhere I go. I promise to use my influence well, thank you.