Tiffany Luk 陸韵瑂

Age 年齡: 17 Occupation

職業: Student/Assistant Dance Teacher, 學生/舞蹈助教

Height, 身高: 5'6"  Education, 學歷:High School, 高中

Three Sizes, 三圍: 34/26/35

自我介紹 Self-Introduction

Hello everyone my name is Tiffany luk and I am 17 years old. I was born and raised right here in NYC. Currently I am a student at Frank Sinatra school of the arts where I am dance major there. I'm so exited to be part of the 2014 ATV Niss Asia pageant. I hope to gain poise and confidence through this amazing this journey. I hope for your support and for you to watch grow through this pageant.

I believe that I should be voted as the best hostess because I enjoy bringing all the latest news and trendiest places right to your television screen. In order to be a good hostess, one should always be do their extensive research and be able to adapt in any situation during an interview, while maintaing the interviewee calm and comfortable. Those are the qualities that I have acquired through the amazing hosting opportunities ATV and miss Asia offered me. Don't believe me yet? See yourself, and don't forget to vote for me as the best hostess.

It would be an honor to receive the medical award because it is important to promote a healthy living lifestyle to all ages. One of the many ways to improve one's health is simply by dancing! Dancing is an easy and fun to get active with your family and friends. It has even been proved that dancing improves mental health and reported a boost in mood. As some who suffers from pre mature and irregular heartbeats, I volunteer very closely with the American heart association and also understand the importance of eating right and how to live a wholesome and happy life. I hope you can support me in the medical award. Thank you!