Mikki O'Brien 劉佩欣

Age 年齡: 17  Occupation, 職業: Student, 學生

Height, 身高:5'6"  Education, 學歷:High School, 高中

Three Sizes, 三圍: 36/20/36

自我介紹 Self-Introduction

Hello everyone my name is Mikki McQueen O'Brien. I am 17 years old. I am currently a student at the esteemed Professional Performing Arts High School there I major in Vocal studies. I am also the first place winner in the Carnegie Hall Classical Music Competition for best musical theater and best voice. I am overjoyed to be part of Miss Asia 2014. I hope everyone will support me on my road to victory. Thank you! 大家好!我是 劉佩欣. 今 年17歲,我在PPAS 音樂高中 讀聲樂。亞視 美洲台 紐約快訊 節目主持人。通過這次選 美,我學習到好多知識,并多次參與社區的慈善演出,拿到人生保貴的經驗,希望大家能 支持我、喜歡我。多謝!

I should win the best hostess award from ATV because I have a lot of experience and with hosting with ATV New York Express, Trendy New York, and New York Detective Stories for a year and a half. A good hostess needs to possess the following qualities: intelligence, engaging personality, and good preparation skills. I have all of these qualities and a great speaking voice that shows confidence and I understand how to communicate and handle people in different situations. I can handle great responsibility and continue to build on my strengths. I also very mature so professional people are willing to want to approach me and accept my interview requests.

My contributions and commitment to the Chinatown community's health makes me feel most qualified to win the medical award. I have interviewed chinese doctors in our community. I have spoken to them about issues and concerns that our community must deal with. With the medical award I can promote and preserve a healthy Chinese community. I understand what the Chinese community needs such as healthcare and education on dealing with health issues.