Fiona Wong 黃淑嫻

Age 年齡: 23 

Occupation, 職業: Recent College Graduate, 學生

Height, 身高: 5'5"  ​Education, 學歷: Bachelors, 學士

Three Sizes, 三圍: 32/24/34

自我介紹 Self-Introduction

Hi my name is Fiona Wong. I am 23 years and and I recently just graduated from the university of buffalo with a degree in business administration. I believe that confidence portrays beauty the best so I hope that you can all support me.

I believe that I should be voted as the best host because I believe that the first step to being one is to make your guest feel comfortable. I also do my best to be prepared and come up with constructive and informative questions, so that I can bring the most to the audience. Through these attributes, I am able to deliver high quality interviews to all audience members of ATV. I am also proud to be an ATV host and can say that I learned a lot from the experience as one. I hope that you can support me in the running for Best Host. Thank you.

I believe that I should obtain the medical award because as a Miss Asia contestant, I think it's most important to promote good health. Good health is one of the most important qualities of life that can be taken by granted. As someone who has experienced some health setbacks herself, and watched family members go through it, I understand the importance of it. I've also taken CPR training, which is something I would like to further promote as it can save numerous lives. I hope that you can support me in the medical award. Thank you.