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ATV 2013 亞洲小姐競選參選規則

  1. 參賽者資格:
    1. 年齡由16至25歲﹝以公曆2013年8月31當日計算﹞的女性。未滿18歲者,必須由監護人簽署同意
    2. 持有有效香港特區政府認可的旅遊證件
    3. 從未結婚或懷孕
    4. 中學程度
    5. 無犯罪記錄
    6. 從未做出被亞洲電視認為導致其自身、其他參賽者或亞洲電視名譽受損的行為
    7. 經合資格提名人提名
    8. 不受任何合約或安排約束以致不能簽署第IV(3)段所述之合約及履行第IV(3)及/或IV(4)段所述之責任及義務
    9. 非亞洲電視及其附屬機構的職藝員
  2. 提名人資格:
    1. 於2013年8月31日年滿18歲﹝以公曆計算﹞
    2. 持有有效香港身份證或香港特區政府認可的有效旅遊證件
    3. 非亞洲電視及其附屬機構的職藝員
    4. 每位提名人最多只能提名兩位參賽者
    5. 參賽者的父母或親屬均可作提名人
  3. 報名辦法:
    1. 參賽者必須填妥參賽表格交回或寄回下列地址:
      ATV 2013 亞洲小姐競選』籌備委員會收 地址:
      207 Canal Street, 3rd Floor
      New York, NY 10013
      (212) 844-9542
    2. 參賽表格須附有參賽者半身及全身3R彩色近照各1張﹝請於照片背面寫上姓名﹞
    3. 截止報名日期:2013年7月31日﹝郵寄將以郵戳為準﹞
  4. 甄選:
    1. 亞洲電視將作初步甄選並邀請部份參賽者進入初步面試,初步面試時參賽者必須提供下列文件:
      1. 參賽者的香港特區政府認可的有效旅遊證件正本及副本一份;
      2. 學歷證明文件的正本及副本一份;
      3. 提名人及監護人 (如有需要) 的有效香港身份證或香港特區政府認可的有效旅遊證件副本一份。﹝亞洲電視有權於任何時間要求參賽者出示居住證明文件﹞
    2. 參賽者於初步面試時需要填報一份問卷
    3. 在完成初步面試後,亞洲電視有絕對權挑選進入決賽的人選;所有獲挑選者必須與亞洲電視簽署參賽合約,同意遵守所有附加之規則與規定
    4. 所有獲挑選者必須出席由亞洲電視安排的有關活動,包括但不限於訪問、造型、培訓課程、綵排、競選、宣傳、推廣等
    5. 一經取錄,不能中途退出
  5. 資料保障:
    1. 已遞交的參賽表格、照片及文件副本將不獲發還。但未被挑選進入決賽的參賽者、其提名人及監護人的個人資料將在決賽後1星期內銷毀
    2. 所有參賽者同意,亞洲電視在不抵觸第V(1)段的情況下可以:
      1. 在宣傳、推廣、尋找贊助商等與競選有關的活動上,使用他們的個人資料;
      2. 在任何地方製作及展示與比賽有關的節目時,使用他們的個人資料;
      3. 為實現上述目的而向第三者披露有關資料;及
      4. 為實現上述目的而保存有關資料
  6. 其他:
    1. 亞洲電視有權因應情況而轄免或放寬第I段內的任何參賽資格
    2. 此參賽規則及表格分別以中、英文擬定,如有衝突,則以英文版本為準
    3. 亞洲電視保留權利因應情況隨時修改或刪除任何參賽規則。如參賽者虛報資料或違反任何參賽規則或參賽合約的條款,亞洲電視有權於任何時間取消其參賽資格


  1. Eligibility for Applicant:
    1. Single female, from the ages of 16 to 25 as of August 31, 2013(western calendar). Those under the age of 18 must be approved by guardian.
    2. Holder of a valid travel document recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government.
    3. Has never been married or been pregnant.
    4. High school education.
    5. Has no criminal record.
    6. Never conducts herself in a manner which, in the opinion of Asia Television Limited (ATV), brings or tends to bring her, other Applicants or ATV into disrepute, ridicule or contempt.
    7. Having been nominated by an eligible Nominator.
    8. Not bound by any agreement or arrangement preventing her from signing the contract stated in paragraph IV(3) and performing the obligation stated in paragraph IV(3) and /or IV(4).
    9. Not being an employee or artiste of ATV and its subsidiaries.
  2. Eligibility for Nominator:
    1. Must be aged 18 or over as of August 31, 2013 (western calendar).
    2. Holder of a valid Hong Kong Identity Card or a valid travel document recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government.
    3. Not being an employee or artiste of ATV and its subsidiaries.
    4. Each Nominator may nominate a maximum of two Applicants.
    5. Parents or relatives of the Applicant are permissible.
  3. Entry Procedure:
    1. Applicant must complete and return by hand or post the Application Form to the following address:
      The Organizing Committee � ATV EMO
      207 Canal Street, 3rd Floor
      New York, NY 10013
      (212) 844-9542
    2. Each Application Form must be accompanied by two recent 3R size colour photos of the Applicant, one head shot and one full length shot (with the Applicant�s name written on the photo�s back)
    3. Deadlines: August 5, 2013(according to the postmark where delivered by post).
  4. Selection:
    1. ATV will have a preliminary screen and invite part of the Applicants to attend the preliminary interviews. Each applicant so invited must produce the following documents upon the preliminary interview:
      1. The original and one photocopy of her valid Hong Kong Identity Card or Macau permanent Identity Card.本一份;
      2. The original and one photocopy of each of her educational certificates.
      3. One photocopy of her Nominator�s and her guardian(if necessary)valid Hong Kong Identity Card or a valid travel document recognized by the Hong Kong SAR Government. (ATV may require Applicants to produce proof of residence at any time).
    2. Applicants will be required to complete a questionnaire during the preliminary interviews.
    3. Upon completion of the preliminary interviews, ATV may select some Applicants to participate in the final contest at its discretion. All applicants so selected will be required to enter into agreements with ATV subject themselves to any additional rules & regulations ATV may impose.
    4. Applicants so selected must attend all activities required by ATV including but not limited to interviews, grooming, training sessions, rehearsals, event proper, related publicity and promotional activities etc.
    5. Once selected whom shall not be allowed to withdraw from the contest at any time.
  5. Data Protection:
    1. All Application Forms, photos and photocopies of documents submitted are not returnable. All personal information of those applicants who have not been selected to the final contest, their Nominators and guardians will be destroyed within one week after the final contest.
    2. All applicants hereby consent that, subject to paragraph V(1), ATV may:
      1. use their personal information in any promotional, marketing, sponsor-searching and other activities relating to the contest;
      2. use their personal information when producing and exhibiting the programmes of the contest anywhere;
      3. disclose their personal information to any third parties for any of the aforesaid purposes; and;及
      4. retain their personal information for any of the aforesaid purposes.
  6. Other:
    1. ATV may waive or relax any criterion as stipulated in paragraph I under special circumstances.
    2. The Rules & Regulations and Application Form are in both Chinese and English. In the event of conflict, the English version shall prevail.
    3. ATV reserves the right to amend and/or cancel any of the Rules & Regulations as and when it seems expedient or necessary to do so. ATV has the right to disqualify any Applicant from participation in the contest at any time if she provides false or misleading information or breaches any of the Rules and Regulations and/or any of the terms and conditions of the relevant agreements.